Please read all information carefully. Any questions can be asked via the contact form on our website.

When entering Starz UK competitions you are agreeing to all the terms and conditions below including any admin charges, time limits and that there is no refund, credit or transfer on any entry into Starz UK competitions regardless of the reason including medical.

By entering a Starz UK competition you agree that all the rules are final, and our staff will not engage in any correspondence with a parent/teacher once a rule has been broken. Rules are not up for discussion to be changed.

  1. Your place in the competition at Starz UK is not secure until full payment has been processed, and dancers list has been sent in completely filled out. All entries must be entered by the deadline, any entries after the deadline will not be accepted. A non refundable deposit must be paid when entering all competitions.
  2. All children under the age of 16 must be accompanied by a chaperone with an up to date chaperone licence  or their parent.
  3. On the discretion of the organiser, if a change has been bought to the attention of Starz UK after entries have been entered onto the online system, an admin fee of £5 will be charged to the school for the change to be made. This being said, changes cannot be made after the programme has been sent out.
  4. The organisers, staff or representatives of Starz UK are not responsible for any claims for damages, loss or injuries sustained while taking part in any activity related to Starz UK competition. All schools must have their own liability insurance. All schools/studios are responsible for their dancers and parent’s behaviour. Anyone failing to follow rules of Starz UK or causing a disturbance will be asked to leave the competition and will not receive a refund. We hold a zero tolerance of verbal abuse to any staff members of Starz UK. Any problems found within Starz UK please report to the front desk reception staff, please do not approach the scores table.
  5. Starz UK reserve the right to add or take away additional days to the competition and also merge age groups or add or remove genres, or change venue to best suit the competition.
  6. We will only run a solo section with a minimum of 3 routines.
  7. Duo/trios & group sections will be merged if we do not have a minimum of 3 routines per section.
  8. Entering Starz UK competitions you are giving permission to be on social media with the use of competitors photography and videos (Facebook, Instagram, twitter etc.)
  9. Communication with the judges at Starz UK is strictly prohibited and will result in a disqualification.
  10. The judge’s decision is final.
  11. All competitors must present themselves at the registration desk upon arrival to the competition to be signed in and receive their wristband. Failure to sign in will result in the competitor unable to compete. Please be aware if your student is not on the list they will not be able to enter the venue, so please check all forms filled out are correct. Spectator wristbands are to be purchased prior to the competition, there will be no payments accepted on the door. Persons without a wristband will not be allowed to spectate. Teachers will collect all the wristbands on arrival, we do not allow parents or children to take the wristbands unless a teacher has given us authorisation.
  12. One teacher with a Wristband is allowed side stage only.
  13. All music must be provided and uploaded online by the stated time. No music will be accepted on the day. Please ensure when uploading your music that the information entered is correct, this will ensure that you will be entered into the correct category. Any dance or dancer found to be in the wrong section will be removed and disqualified. Music used must be age appropriate with NO explicit language. There will be no music for bows. Time limits are strictly enforced. If music is over the stated time limit, music will be faded and a 2-point deduction will be taken from the competitor.
  14. Please bring a backup music. on a phone or ipad
  15. A schedule will be emailed to each registered school approx. 14 days prior to the competition date, this will include the time and day of your performances. Once this schedule has been sent out no changes can be made. Starz UK reserve the right to alter/amend the programme at any time and add or change to any terms and conditions. Starz UK reserve the right to change venue if the need arises, no refunds to be made.
  16. Please make sure ALL performers attend presentation .
  17. A competitors age will be from the 1st of the Month of the competition date. Proof of age must be produced upon request.
  18. Duo/trio age goes by the oldest dancer.
  19. Troupes/Groups are age aggregate.
  20. Dancers cannot be added to groups or troupes once entered. If any dancers cannot dance on the day the troupe/group will dance a dancer down it will not change section. Any troupe/group found to have more dancers than on their entry forms will be disqualified immediately.
  21. Pointe work can only be in Elite Teen and Elite Senior sections.
  22. Teachers cannot participate in any performance.
  23. Men are not allowed in the girls changing areas under any circumstances, we have a separate changing area for boys.
  24. Please contact us in advance if  special arrangements are needed for changing rooms, and we will try our best to accommodate 
  25. Starz UK competitions are entitled to run up to one hour ahead/behind of schedule. It is your sole responsibility to ensure you are aware of the times of your performances, no responsibility will be taken by Starz UK for missed performances. Any competitor not backstage when called will not be able to perform out of schedule so this will result in missing their routine.
  26. It is your responsibility to keep an eye on timings, as this could bring knockouts & presentations earlier or later depending on how the event is running, No responsibility will be taken by Starz UK if these are missed.
  27. Spectators will have to purchase wristbands prior to the event. Details will be sent per event.
  28. Programmes will be available to download. 
  29. All enquiries go via our website contact form only.
  30. Starz UK provide a professional independent photographer at all locations.
  31. Please leave changing areas as you found them, any damage/mess made by your school will be invoiced to your School directly for the damage or cleaning necessary.
  32.  For every entry on our system, there will be an admin charge depending on the amount of entries, for every school that pulls out and does not compete. So please if you are unsure of dates or students availability, do not enter until you able to confirm. You will be invoiced this once the competition has closed.
  33. Early bird fees are only available before the deadline stated , any entries, or amendments added after the deadline will be charged the normal Entry fee. 
  34. To qualify for the Early bird prices, entry must be paid in full by the early bird deadline, Not the competition deadline.
  35. Full payment must be received before the stated deadline.
  36. your entry is not secure until full payment is made.
  37. If an event reaches the limit before deadlines, we will have to close the event early, to secure your space and to hold this until the stated deadline a non refundable deposit will be requested. Once this is received your space will be safe until the competition deadline. to still receive the early bird prices you will still need to pay in full by the early bird deadline.